Advanced Process Control

The objective of advanced process control is to push the plant as close as possible to the operating region or limit where maximum potential profits are realised. A two-step approached is followed to achieve this. Firstly, the process is stabilised, after which optimal setpoints are continuously calculated to keep the process in an optimal state. Numerous technologies are utilised as part of our advanced process control solutions like model predictive control (MPC), multivariable control, process modelling and simulation, and online optimisation algorithms.

Blue Nickel has successfully integrated APC solutions into flotation, milling, crushing, kilns, autoclave and abatement equipment, hot gas generators as well as drying and evaporating processes.  These solutions continue to create significant value for our clients today. Benefits resulting from process control improvements include:

  • Improved process and energy efficiency
  • Improved throughput
  • Improved product quality