Data and Systems Management

Blue Nickel provides a customised solution which meets all data storage and management needs. We deliver a single integrated system with one tag list, one data source and one standard web interface. With data access being a core process in all mining and process industries, our solutions make access and interaction seamless to reduce cost and improve profits. Solution benefits that can be achieved include:

• Storage for large amounts of process and time series data along with access to unlimited tag lists
• Rebuilding data based on interpolation of existing data
• Web interface for manual data like log sheets
• Web service to access data programmatically
• Excel add-in

Transformation and analysis of data, real-time and offline is central to what we do. To assist with this we have developed powerful software tools that seamlessly integrates with any database or control system to perform complex data manipulation tasks in real-time. Software tools such as the Phoenix Historian which is a data logging application that logs all process data from the PLC or SCADA indefinitely. Data from elsewhere like a LIMS system or weighbridge database can easily be pulled into the historian so that all data is available from one central location. Phoenix Historian not only gathers all real time process data it compresses and archives the data for subsequent statistical calculations and analysis. Data logger objects can be created automatically to query process data and pull time series information when necessary for effective analysis. Access to the data is made easy through DART and Excel. Built-in features of the Phoenix Historian include data backups and redundancy.