Process and Equipment Performance Monitoring

Only once you know there is a problem in your process can you fix it. Our reporting solutions integrates and utilises the latest technologies to rollup large quantities of process data in meaningful summaries that are easily accessible. Sub optimal process or equipment performance is rapidly identified through state of the art reporting and dashboard interfaces. Our reporting solutions includes production reporting, cell phone reporting, control loop performance monitoring, process stability analysis, environmental monitoring, down-time analysis and instrumentation measurement validation. Solution benefits includes but is not limited to:

• Access data from any data source
• Visualize data online and offline on a dashboard interface
• Summarised reporting of data tags in customised time trends i.e. production hourly, shiftly, or daily reports
• Event or interval based reporting
• Measurement limits and threshold triggers reporting
• Good monitoring of as many tags as you want (start and stop delay monitoring)
• Accurate insight into the process KPIs
• Detection and prediction of weak spots in the production and process system
• Evaluation of the overall equipment effectiveness and operational costs
• Automated monitoring of hundreds of PID control loops
• Identify causes of loop poor performance
• Sub-optimal control tuning parameters
• Faulty control valves and pumps
• Malfunctioning measuring instruments
• Excessive external disturbance
• Real time control loop data analysis
• Detailed diagnostic report of problematic control loops with a customised drill down functionality in our system

Useful information is presented to clients in tables and graphs by automated emails to client PC‘s and mobiles devices through the messaging application (yammer), SMS and MMS. Our solutions gives you accurate process information needed for you to make right decision that is uniquely designed to suite all Monitoring and Reporting needs. We have partnered with various clients in the mineral processing industries with an ultimate goal of identifying opportunities for increased productivity and process efficiencies.