Process Optimisation

Process optimization has a fundamental role in any production environment. Blue Nickel assists clients to operate their processes at maximum efficiency. Detailed data analysis gets combined with sound process engineering principles to ensure that process efficiencies are quantified and opportunities for improvement identified. Blue Nickel provides a unique solution to major challenges associated with processing and managing of big data, gaining clarity of process operation by exploring relationships between data variables. We help identify the root cause of plant faults and process issues by analysing time trend data.
Close consideration is given to process stability, the role of the operator, instrumentation, control system logic, equipment efficiencies, metallurgical performance and operational costs. Dynamic and steady state modelling and simulations allows for determination of optimal operating regimes. Recommendations from these studies that are implemented result in significant process performance improvements for all clients of Blue Nickel.

Solution benefits include:
• Accessing data from connection to various sources such as plant historians and lab databases
• Online and offline data manipulation
• Transformation and trending of data (data cleaning, filtering and time trending)
• Statistical and mathematical analysis of data