Product Portfolio

Our products at Blue Nickel, is geared towards ensuring that we assist our clients to increase the efficiencies of their operations whilst keeping the products simple to operate. Blue Nickel products are easily adaptable which allows for many special features deployed within each version. Interfaces are available at all connection points to allow clients to adapt the software for their specific needs or Blue Nickel can add any customisations required per request.

Data visualization plays an integral role in understanding one’s process. DART is our data trending and query tool. With DART one can connect to a multitude of data sources ranging from plant historians to lab databases. Tags can easily be searched, visualized, and the data exported to more user-friendly environments like Microsoft Excel. DART gives its user the power to quickly find, identify, and troubleshoot process issues that arise. Contact us and remove any process uncertainty that you may have.

Daily performance monitoring is key to improving and stabilizing one’s process. At Blue Nickel we provide this service with our reporting tool called Fluid Reports. Fluid Reports can connect to all available data sources on site, extract data for a specified period and display the data in ways to identify process performance and highlight where improvements can be made. Fluid Reports is used by both metallurgist and control engineers to monitor the process performance and controller performance daily, giving them the ability to act quickly when performance issues arise. Fluid Reports can distribute reports, at fixed intervals, through emails and messaging apps like telegram. It can also be setup to trigger a report. Contact us and start seeing your process clearly.

Opto One is an automated web based application that monitors the performance of all PID control loops on a plant. This package makes it easy for an instrumentation technician to monitor performance of hundreds of control loops.
Control loop data gets analysed and processed in real-time so that a high level report allows the user rapid navigation to faulty control loops where diagnostics of the problematic control loops are available.

Data from the PLC or SCADA are stored at high frequency through an OPC connection. DART is used by the end user to access data while a web service exposes data to
be obtained programmatically.
Data backups and redundancy are inherited from the NoSQL backend.

Phoenix RTE is a highly functional analytics engine. It is a web based interface that reads and writes to any data source. A live environment enables real-time monitoring of process and controller KPIs. It performs complex calculations in real-time or process data in batches.
Phoenix RTE is ideal for implementation and monitoring of advanced control strategies.

In today’s competitive industry it has become essential to have a competitive advantage. Blue Nickel can offer this advantage in the form of Advanced Process Control (APC), more specifically Model Predictive Control (MPC). Psibyl, Blue Nickel’s MPC software, gives you our client the ability to stabilize and optimize your process, resulting in less downtime and improved process performance. Using multivariable models Psibyl can predict how a process is going to react at any given moment, and then take steps to ensure the process stays or goes to the desired process state. Blue Nickel has over 100 Psibyl controllers running on 12 sites, providing our clients with cutting edge technology in control engineering. Contact us to give yourself the upper hand.

To be an industry leader you need the latest information digitally at your fingertips. No more paper trail or excel spread sheets! Blue Nickel offers versatile solutions to this with our Olympus Framework. With our Olympus Framework you can select from a multitude of modules and tailor solutions to your specific needs. Putting you in control of your data and daily operations. Modules include Security, Breakdown Event Monitor – to capture all equipment-based failures and maintenance, LIMS, Digital Data Events – to capture daily or shiftly data, Logsheets – to keep on top of your action lists for planned projects, Links – to access important reports and information from the same web interface. This is just some of the modules that will be available for you. Contact us and let us help you setup the perfect digitized system.